Horse Buying/Trying Service


The Most Important Factor In Polo

Andrew has played polo since he was 12 years old. He has played around the world on all different levels. Andrew has sourced horses to help mount 8 goal players right through to -2 goal beginners.
A service is provided to ride, stick and ball and chukka horses a player may be interested in purchasing. Horses of interest will be initially observed playing a chukka with their current owner/trainer. Advice as to whether a horse is thought suitable for a certain player and able to play to what level, can then be given. If a horse is to be pursued for purchase, Andrew is available to ride, stick and ball and chukka a horse to give a further assessment.
A brief check of the horse is undertaken to determine its ability to pass a vet check.
A vet check is organised and all relevant documentation is provided to the purchaser.
Fee $550
Alternatively, if you know what you require but can't seem to find it, contact Andrew to source a number of prospective ponies. Andrew plays state wide and interstate and watches endless ponies play. He is also frequently approached to sell on ponies.
Fee $550