Polo Coaching Sydney



Andrew Williams is New South Wales Polo Association's Senior Coach and New South Wales Polo Association's Junior Development Squad Coach. He is ready to get you started or improve your skills.


Private one hour lesson on our horses - $165
One hour group lesson (2 or more players) - $110 each
Wooden horse lesson - $85
Stick and ball for one hour - $110
Sunday Morning Polo Clinic
1/2 hour lesson and one chukka - $165
Pony Lease Fees
Pony lease fees per practice chukka advanced - $110
Pony lease fees per practice chukka intermediate - $88
(chukkas every Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Gift Certificates Available
Try something different and have Andrew coach at your club.
Available year round to provide continuity with your polo coaching,
New South Wales Polo Associations' Senior Coach will get you playing and improve your game faster.


NSWPA holds free clinics run by Andrew year round and state wide. Contact Andrew or NSWPA to secure a place or line up your own lessons or coaching.