Corporate Days in Richmond

If you're looking for a Corporate Day with a difference, a day playing polo is a great way to bring the team together whilst having a huge amount of fun. Only 50 minutes from Sydney's CBD, Polo Corporate Days can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Riding or polo experience is not required to enjoy a Willo Polo Corporate Day. An experienced coach will instruct the day and quiet school horses are used. The world-class facilities at Sydney Polo Club ensure you learn in a safe and secure environment. 


A sample Corporate Day runs as below;


10am          Arrival. Enjoy coffee and a snack whilst meeting your instructors.


10.30am     Introduction to the game of polo and basic rules. Team divided into two groups.


11.00am     Group A - Wooden horse*

                   Group B - Hand mallets*


11.30am     Group A - Hand mallets

                   Group B - Wooden Horse


12.00pm     Group A & B - Horses. Everyone mount up!


12.30pm     Chukkas. Enjoy chukkas in the arena and find your inner competitive streak. Team
                   work essential!


1.30pm       Enjoy a well earned gourmet lunch complete with Angus the Bull wines and marvel at         
                   your new found talents.


2.00pm       Stetch your weary muscles and watch some professional players in action. Throw the                             
                   ball in* and watch the battle unfold.


4.00pm       Enjoy a few sundowners* with the pros and discuss all that is polo. Awards for
                   talents shown throughout the day will be presented.


5.00pm       Head for home.


Wooden Horse - a horse made entirely of wood on which you sit  to practice swinging the mallet before you take on the real thing.

Hand Mallet - a 1/2 size mallet which is used to hit the ball whilst on foot. You'll see the pros at tournaments hitting to each other on the sidelines with these.

Throw the ball in - Polo has a lineout, much like rugby. The ball is thrown in and players battle to be the first to hit it.

Sundowners - drinks enjoyed as the sun goes down.